Depending on various circumstances, three different delivery methods have been taken: by sea, by air cargo and by express service. 

  By sea. This is the most economical way of delivery among all three methods. If order quantity is big enough, you will find it help you cut delivery cost dramatically and assist you in achieving maximum profit. However, it normally would take more than one month for cargoes to reach their destination port. Therefore, we suggest customers who have adequate time and don’t need their cargo urgently to use this delivery method.  
  By air cargo. The advantage of air cargo is it costs much less time than deliver by sea. Generally it would take about one to two weeks for cargo reach its destination. On the contrary, the cost of air cargo is comparatively higher, but still much cheaper than express service. Customers who need their goods urgently and willing to bear additional expenditure are recommended to use this delivery method
  By express service. It is the most expensive way of delivery, but it is really quick and convenient. When some customers put sample orders or individual customers require only one turbocharger or spare parts for their private vehicles, it is difficult to deliver their goods by sea or by air cargo since there is minimum weight restriction. In this case, the express service seems to be the only solution. Fortunately, the total weights of sample orders or the ones from individual customers are not high. In addition, we have signed discount contract with most express companies, such as TNT, DHL and UPS, to help our customers cut their delivery expenditure. Therefore, the express service could be regarded as an optimum and affordable solution under such circumstances.
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