Doing Business

Start to do business with EM Turbo is simple. In this section, you will find a standard procedure, which includes 4 steps: Inquiry and quotation, Payment terms, Order preparation and leading time, Delivery methods . Please read this section carefully since it contains almost all information that you need when you want to make an order and remind you some important aspects that usually easy to ignore.

Step1. Inquiry and quatation
First of all, we need to know which turbocharger that you are looking for. Most of our customers are professionals and they could provide us accurate information, such as turbo model, part number and OEM number. If you are an individual customer who is not sure about the turbo model, please advise us which brand of vehicle it applied to and all information that printed on the metal label of turbocharger. Our sales personnel will help you to identify the turbo model and inform you whether we have it or not. It would be helpful if you could also send us some pictures of the turbo that you need.


Secondly, the order quantity needs to be confirmed. Since we allow our customers put sample orders for test purpose, you can ask one pcs for each turbo model you want at the first time. This also enables individual customers to buy turbochargers that they need if they could not get them from their local distributers. Please determine the order quantity according to your estimate requirements and send it to us for the use of quotation.

Finally, we would quote the inquiry for you. The quoted prices are normally Freight On Board (FOB) prices. The prices would base on order quantity and the port where your cargo will dispatch. An invoice will send to you by one of our sales personnel shortly after we received your inquiry. The quotation and detailed order information will list on it together with your contact details and payment terms. You need to check it carefully and inform us if there is any modification that you want to make. When all details checked, the invoice will be regard as confirmed.


Step 2. Payment terms
In most situations, we accept T/T (telegraphic transfer or wire transfer) as the main payment method for normal orders. There are four different kinds of payment which are listed below:


For order value which is lower than 5000 USD, 100% payment need to be made in advance. 

For order value that is between 5000 USD and 10000 USD, 50% deposit need to be made in advance and the balance should be transferred when cargo is ready for delivery.

For order value which is higher than 10000 USD, 30% deposit need to be made in advance and the balance should be transferred when cargo is ready for delivery. 

For those orders which total values exceed 100000 USD, we also accept L/C (letter of credit)as payment method. You could contact with our sales personnel for more detailed information about the payment that made by L/C. 



Step 3. Order preparation and leading time


When an inquiry has been received by our sales personnel, they will consult production department for stock availability and estimate leading time. And then, you will be informed about how many pcs of the turbochargers, which you ordered, in stock and how long it would take until all goods would be ready. When the order has been confirmed and the bank slip of deposit or complete payment has been received by our sales personnel, they will notify production department to start production. As soon as your order is ready, our sales personnel will contact with you by e-mail. As an option, you could ask for some pictures of your cargo to check packaging or other details before delivery.                                             


Step 4. Delivery methods

Depending on various circumstances, three different delivery methods have been taken: by sea, by air cargo and by express service.


By sea. This is the most economical way of delivery among all three methods. If order quantity is big enough, you will find it help you cut delivery cost dramatically and assist you in achieving maximum profit. However, it normally would take more than one month for cargoes to reach their destination port. Therefore, we suggest customers who have adequate time and don’t need their cargo urgently to use this delivery method.

By air cargo. The advantage of air cargo is it cost much less time than deliver by sea. Generally it would take about one to two weeks for cargo reach its destination. On the contrary, the cost of air cargo is comparatively higher, but still much cheaper than express service. Customers who need their goods urgently and willing to bear additional expenditure are recommended to use this delivery method.

By express service. It is the most expensive way of delivery, but it is really quick and convenient. When some customers put sample orders or individual customers require only one turbocharger or spare parts for their private vehicles, it is difficult to deliver their goods by sea or by air cargo since there is minimum weight restriction. In this case, the express service seems to be the only solution. Fortunately, the total weights of sample orders or the ones from individual customers are not high. In addition, we have signed discount contract with most express companies, such as TNT, DHL and UPS, to help our customers cut their delivery expenditure. Therefore, the express service could be regarded as an optimum and affordable solution under such circumstances



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