Inauguration of New Factory

After more than two year’s construction and preparation, the main buildings of our new factory were completed by the end of August this year. The inauguration was held at new factory site last Saturday. More than 400 guests and cooperative partners were invited and attended the celebration. Representatives from municipal party committee, city and district government, and cooperative partners, had delivered passionate speech at the inauguration and made it clear that they will continue to vigorously support the company’s growth and development in the future. Brand new and more advanced equipments have been purchased, installation and debugging are now in progress at new workshop which would be ready for production soon after. With these advanced equipments and new production facility, our manufacturing ability and product precision will be improved greatly. We sincerely thank the help and support from various aspects during past years, and we will do our best to provide more advanced and high quality products, as well as make greater contribution to turbo charging field.
Date: 21st Sep. 2009

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