The Development of VNT CHRA and Turbo
In order to meet the increasing demands for Variable Nozzle Area Turbocharger ( VNT or VGT ) CHRA and complete turbocharger in European market, EM Turbo has recently developed several most popular VNT CHRAs which include GT1749V and BV39 series. These VNT CHRAs are mainly applied to Volkswagen, Audi and Ford passenger cars. After the development and performance test at our factory, free samples have been sent to EM cooperative partners for test purpose. These new developed VNT CHRAs have passed the test in practical application without a hitch and now becoming a new profit growth point for both EM Turbo and its cooperative partners. Based on the success and experience of VNT CHRA development, the work of developing complete VNT turbocharger is proceeding smoothly at the moment. The first model would be ready for market in about two month’s time.
Date:  25th Sep. 2009
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